The Haptic Device reads information about an inserted instrument position (three angles and an insertion length) and provides force feedback where the forces are either calculated by the simulation or by the Haptic Device itself (when using collision primitives). The Haptic Device also detects and identifies an inserted instrument. The Haptic Device can be attached to a quick connector mounting bracket (HA-FA-001, sold separately). Any instrument in the Haptic Avatar family (HA-IN-XXX, sold separately) can be inserted in the haptic device.

The Haptic Device is connected to the host computer with USB, either directly or via a hub (e.g. HA-UT-002). The Haptic Device is internally powered with Li-Ion batteries which are charged slowly via USB or fast with a charger (HA-UT-001, sold separately)


Article number: HA-HD-001


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