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Software plugins

There are currently plugins for the SOFA framework and Unity game engine. You can also license an API from InfinyTech3D, where SOFA is the backend physics engine in Unity. We can provide drivers and plugins for other platforms and we can tailor one for your own system. There are detailed descriptions on the communication protocols for all devices, so you are also free to build your own driver.

SOFA framework.png


The latest firmware updates on the devices (currently the Port, the Ibox, the Scope and the Stapler) is released in conjunction with platform plugin updates. Please contact Follou to get the latest compatible version and instructions how to upgrade the firmware.



Repair and maintenance is made by Follou in Sweden. Send in your device and we will fix your hardware.

We also offer fixed price service contracts for repair and maintenance.


Customization / development

We help you build the system you have in mind, from the components in the Haptic Avatar family, or by customizing the existing components. We are also able to develop new components, ranging from new handles up to new force feedback devices. Do not hesitate to contact us to start a discussion.

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