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The fixed ramp is used as a holder for a Port. It tilts the Port 20° and elevates the gimbal joint (on the Port) about 175mm. At the top of the ramp there is a Port Quick Connector bracket. The ramp is mounted on an aluminum plate for stability. The plate is tapered in the front so that another ramp/plate can be placed near it to allow for close portal placement (min 50mm). The Fixed Ramp on Plate is suitable when you want to place your Ports freely.

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The movable ramp is same as the fixed, except that is has a spring loaded lever in the back that locks/releases it from an profiled aluminum rail, allowing it to be moved along the rail. It also has a protrusion with a crosshair that extends from the ramp. The crosshair tells the projected port gimbal position, and provides a resting position for an inserted Tool.

Markings can be made on the rail base plate to instruct the user to place the movable ramps at predefined positions for a certain exercise. The ramps can be moved from one rail to another by taking it to the rail end position, where it can be lifted off the rail. The Ports can now be arranged in a way that closely resembles the real portal positions.

This setup can be complemented with a manikin top to further increase realism and is suitable for team training.

The dimensions of the base plate on the picture is 350x770mm.

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The fixed workstation is a structure that has three quick connector positions for Ports and one for an IBox (behind the post). This setup resembles the portal placement for some common laparoscopic procedures. It orients the Ports so that a the user/trainee can get a close access to the Ports.

The structure on the picture has an optional "computer plate" where a e.g. a laptop can be placed. Complement with a "Tool stand" to get a complete simulator setup.

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The tool stand is used to organize your tools and shafts. It has seven positions, and all tools in the haptic avatar system (including the Scope) has the same mechanical interface so they will all fit in the holders. Additionally the tool stand has mounting holes for an Ibox quick connector, which means that the ibox can be mounted at the bottom plate of the tool stand, and the access to the ibox channels is close.

The holders on the tool stand is made so that when you grab a tool from it, you pull it back a centimeter, then lift it out from the holder slot.


The structures above can be seen as examples of what can be made. If you have an idea on how to arrange haptic port devices in a way that is either dedicated to a specific training exercise or procedure, or more general for a field of minimal invasive surgery, please contact us and we will help you find a suitable solution. If you are interested in making a prototype structure e.g. for a specific research or just to make sure your ideas flies before you take further steps, you only need quick connector brackets and some building material, or a 3D-printer to get started.

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