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Movable 20° ramp Low

Movable 20° ramp, low (with a lever for adjusting the lengthwise position, 160mm from mounting level, requires a rail)


The movable ramp is same as the fixed, except that is has a spring loaded lever in the back that locks/releases it from an aluminum profiled rail, allowing it to be moved along the rail. It also has a protrusion with a crosshair that extends from the ramp. The crosshair tells the projected port gimbal position, and provides a resting position for an inserted Tool.

Markings can be made on the rail base plate to instruct the user to place the movable ramps at predefined positions for a certain exercise. The ramps can be moved from one rail to another by taking it to the rail end position, where it can be lifted off the rail. The Ports can now be arranged in a way that closely resembles the real portal positions.

This setup can be complemented with a manikin top to further increase realism and is suitable for team training.

The dimensions of the base plate on the picture is 350x770mm.


• The ramp is mounted on a T-shaped rail and has a lever to adjust its position along the rail. The ramp needs to be complemented with a HA-FA-001

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