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Instrument Shaft

Instrument shaft (detachable from handles and scope) with specific ID.


The Shaft is the part that is inserted into a Port. It is threaded so that the Port can grab it lenght-wise, and it has two grooves along its length so that the Port can grab it rotation-wise. The user does not need to consider the shaft orientation when introducing it into a Port.

The Shaft mates with any Handle via its quick connector. Just push and twist.

Each shaft has a color that represents its identity, and which is read by the Port upon insertion. There can be up to 20 individual shafts. The picture shows a standard set of 7 shafts, which is sufficient for most kinds of surgical procedures. The black shaft is dedicated for the Scope, and the other colors for Handles that connect to the Ibox. Other colors can be used, typically for special purpose handles.

The shaft length is customizable, but the standard is 310mm for laparoscopy/thoracoscopy and 210mm for arthroscopy, exclusing the connector part.


• The shaft is separable from the handle with a quick connector. The ID of a shaft is determined at purchase.

• The shaft length is configurable (at purchase) within the range of 200mm (pediatric) to 450mm (obese). Default length is 310mm from the handle.

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